ISBN 0-13-893439-8


An Introduction to the Intel Family of Microprocessors
A Hands-on Approach Utilizing the 80x86 Microprocessor Family
Third Edition

James L. Antonakos

Table of Contents

1. Microprocessor-based Systems
2. An Introduction to the 80x86 Microprocessor Family
3. 80x86 Instructions Part 1
4. 80x86 Instructions Part 2
5. Interrupt Processing
6. An Introduction to Programming the 80x86
7. Programming with DOS and BIOS Function Calls
8. Advanced Programming Applications
9. Using Disks and Files
10. Hardware Details of the 8088
11. Memory System Design
12. I/O System Design
13. Programming with 80x86 Peripherals
14. Building a Working 8088 System
15. Hardware Details of the Pentium
16. Protected Mode Operation


A. 8088 Data Sheets
B. Instruction Set and Execution Times
C. 8088 Peripheral Data Sheets
D. A Review of Number Systems and Binary Arithmetic
E. BIOS Function Calls
F. DOS Function Calls
G. Assembler Reference
H. DEBUG and Codeview Reference
I. Extended Keyboard Scan Codes